Who We Are, As Told by the Other

Austin Martz

For a long time, I stared at my computer screen in absolute bewilderment.  How in the world was I going to describe Austin Martz? I could have been trite and tacky and find a way to describe him in three words.  Sorry, it’s not possible (well, shucks that’s three). I could have tried and described him as a football player: let’s see yup definitely fast, aggressive, and sometimes spastic.  But it just doesn’t get the job done; it’s an incomplete picture of who he really is. Like ogres, Austin has layers (and if you don’t get the reference I feel sorry for you). His identity and happiness aren’t defined by whether or not he did well on the pitch (yes, Louligans it’s important, but this blog is about LIFE OUTSIDE OF FOOTBALL) instead it’s just one of the many layers he has.

If you ever get the chance to meet Austin you’ll quickly find out he’s extremely passionate about Jesus, his beautiful wife Hannah, coffee, beer, and nutrition.  So if you ever find yourself in a one-on-one with him and don’t have anything to talk about, fat chance by the way, just pick from above. The man will create the conversation and all you have to do is nod your head in agreement.   And in this long or short conversation, you’ll start to find out what Austin’s all about. He’s honest, devout, witty and overly puny, jittery and energetic, intelligent, genuine and adventurous, even though he doesn’t have Uber on his phone (I mean we can’t walk we are pro athletes, how are you supposed to explore a city without Uber?) Yeah, mind bottling. (Sorry, I like movie references and Blades of Glory is an extremely underrated Will Farrell movie).   These traits, both inherited and acquired, start to frame who Austin has come to be.  He’s a shadow of the kid who once got so angry during a game, received a red card, proceeded to call his mom a bad name, flipped her off, and then started to cry.  He’s a shadow of the man, whom while attending a soccer game in Paris saw the devastation and impact of a terrorist bombing. He’s a shadow of the guy I met a year ago, who now has a wife! All of these stories, experiences, adventures, and journeys, have led him to where he is today.  Ultimately, what I’m really trying to say here is that Austin has become a really good friend. I’m grateful I got another chance to be on the same team as him.

Proverbs 27:17

Jake Fenlason

To tell you about Jake, I will write you a poem.

A path of anticipation, you’ll surely want to know him.

Difficult to describe, man of great character, full of mystery

He’s an athlete, but a scholar, who absolutely loves some history.

Born in San Diego, He’s one of six boys.

A Minimalist at heart, he’s too simple for la croix’s.

I guarantee he’s rolling his eyes at my rhymes

Or how much he listens to me talk about digestive enzymes.

But that’s partially who he is, quick to listen, slow to speak

Because he always has your interests at heart, giving honest critique

A perfect complement to my extroverted heart on my sleeve

His introversion is unique, too easy to misperceive.

People look on the outside, always noticing book in hand

But that’s why he puts aside being right, he would rather understand.

Even while brushing his teeth I’ve found Him entrenched in knowledge

Professor Fenlason would honestly be a brilliant teacher at a college.

He loves books, books, books, coffee, and brews

That’s why there’s such a buzz around these interviews.

See what I did there, he told you I was punny.

That’s Jake too- witty, sarcastic, but sneakily funny.

He’s a man of his word, keeping promises with honor

Conversations with him have great depth, never a yawner.

That’s Jake in a nutshell; a pleasure to call him a great friend

Someone to keep around for a lifetime, I highly recommend.