Welcome to Life Outside of Football

After taking a poll on twitter, Jake Fenlason and I, Austin Martz, have decided to begin a blog to follow our experiences over the course of this season.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
There’s more than just football.

While we are two professional soccer players who love our jobs, we also find great joy in many cultural experiences off the field. The vision may not be totally perfected in terms of content, but that’s part of the journey we’d like to invite you on. We will be exploring many new and unique cities to each of us this year and we’d like to share our adventures with our friends, family, fans, and any other pairs of eyes that gravitate to our handsome background picture, and logo designed by my wife Hannah (she deserves a shout out at the least)! This will include coffee shops, breweries, historical landmarks and more. But since we’re nerdy we may also provide the occasional book food, guide to nutritional wisdom, and try our hand at a little more mature music, like an opera per say! So while we acknowledge the vision isn’t complete, and this post won’t be our best, here’s to the beginning of our adventures as roommates on the road who simply want to connect with those following us!


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